BitSport RoadMap 2021

Quite a lot has been set to motion in the year 2021, we are so excited to have quite an interesting roadmap and challenges to take on for the year 2021.


Q1, 2021
Q2, 2021
Q3, 2021
Q4, 2021
  • Beta Test Tournament
  • Uniswap Integration
  • CSGO BTP Server (TestNet)
  • NFT Market Place Development
  • InGame API Stack Launch
  • NFT/erc 721 integration
  • Dex Integration
  • Locked Liquidity Matches
  • Launch BFI trading pairs
  • Hackathon bounty - try to steal our bags (win some event exclusives)
  • 1inch integration Rubic
  • Integration/partnership
  • VR Games Integration
  • Onsen Bar Incentivised pairs
  • BTP marketplace for in game item trading
  • Open up public hosted pairs
  • AI oracle for pooled arbitrage match (hunts for defi strategies that are most profitable)
  • Migrate to main net (currently elrond)
  • Grand year finals (spearheaded by top tier influencers)